Announcements for May 15, 2022


Sunday Service – In Person and Livestream – May 15, 2022
Please join us in person or on
• Masks are “strongly recommended.”
• Thai Devotional Sunday morning starts at 9:30am
• Fellowship Lunch after the Church Service – Hosted by Elder Pimpilai Dhitithanon

Deacon’s Food Drive

Thank you to everyone who has brought in nonperishable food items or donated money for gift cards! Suggested items for this week are: Cans of Tuna or chicken, Cans of Chicken noodle or chicken & rice Soup, boxes of mashed potatoes or rice, Juices (i.e., apple, grape, etc.), & bars of soap. This is an ongoing project so please continue to give when possible. We are accepting canned & boxed food items as well as toilet paper, dish soap, laundry detergent, or shampoo. Gift cards, such as Walmart, Burger King, McDonald’s and Jack-in-the Box are also welcome. Thanks again for showing the love of Christ to our community!


Happy Birthday!
Birthday Greetinggs to Paulina Reynoso (May 15), Chuck Loharun and Pratoum Pradit (May 18), and Justin Phukunhaphan (May 21)! May God bless you on your special day!


Weekly Connect Group Schedule

Weekly Connect Group Schedule

Our Zoom small groups are in the process of taking up new bible studies to start off this year. You can join a group and access the bible studies by activating a RightNow Media subscription free of charge from our church. Please let Pastor Peter know if you need him to send you a link to this account.
1. Tuesdays – 7:00pm (leaders-Gayle Poolperm & Mack Yenjai)
Zoom Meeting ID 557 866 6935
Study: The Gospel of Mark (by Francis Chan)
2. Wednesdays – 7:00pm (leaders- Betsy Muenyong & Pratoum Pradit)
Zoom Meeting ID 909 261 6137 passcode 8656
Study: The Gospel of Mark (by Francis Chan)
3. Fridays – 7:30pm (leaders – Brian & Joe Metzger)
Zoom Meeting ID 901 639 8084 passcode pcc2021
Study: Ephesians (by JD Greear)
4. Tuesdays – 7:15pm (leader – Peter Tan-Gatue)
In Person. Rancho Cucamonga (Closed Group).
Study: Alpha Film Series (by Nicky Gumbel, Toby Flint, and Gemma Hunt)

    Other Church Events
    • Other Church Events
      • Weekly time of prayer on zoom by Pastor Peter meets on Thursdays from 1:30 to 2:00pm – Meeting ID 901 629-8084 passcode pcc2021
      • Small Groups (Connect Groups) – Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Nights
      • “Wake Up With the Word” by Joseph “Joe the Beloved” Metzger – daily post on and
    Tithes & Offerings

    The generosity of your tithes & offerings is needed to support our livestream and digital ministry as well as our normal operations. Please take advantage of three ways you can give:

    1) ONLINE Giving through Credit/Debit card at our website:

    2) Online Banking – send a check or transfer electronically with Zelle (see note below)

    3) Drop off/mail check to church office
    **Note: You are now able to give using Zelle through your bank using the church email,

    Needs of Our Members & Friends

    If any of our members or friends are feeling isolated, become ill or under quarantine, we want to continue to minister to their needs, both physical and spiritual. Please let one of our Elders or Pastor Peter know if anyone needs spiritual care or help with necessities. Pastor and/or Elders will make visits for spiritual help as the need arises.