Acts 1:8 – “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

As Christians, we are called to go forth with the gospel, spreading it to neighbors and nations. We have outreach ministries to our local community in the San Gabriel Valley and throughout Southern California, as well as to the global community.

Local Community Outreach

The Metzger Family and Friends Musical Outreach Ministry Team – This is a growing thirteen-year ministry that brings free inspirational music programs to convalescent homes, hospitals, homebound, hospice, churches, mission events and charity events.

PCC Music Conservatory(temporarily suspended) We offer church family and community members of all ages FREE, weekly music lessons. For information, please contact Daniel Metzger, Director/Instructor at (323) 270-3803.

“Care Packages” for the Homeless – These are distributed on an “as needed” basis to homeless individuals encountered in our area.

“Spark of Love Toy Drive” – At Christmastime we collect toys and sports equipment for underserved children and teens in the Southern California area.

Support for Union Station Homeless Services – We have supported this Pasadena based group in several ways:

  • Making bagged lunches for distribution to homeless
  • Donating “Welcome Home Kits” for those transitioning from homelessness into a home
  • Donating food for Thanksgiving dinners.

LA Regional Food Bank – Food is distributed to our local seniors at our church parking lot on a monthly basis. During the pandemic they also provided us with boxes of food to distribute to anyone in need.

Global Outreach

Mae Kok Foundation, Chiang Rai, Thailand – This group is led by the Church of Christ in Thailand and takes care of children whose parents are drug addicts and others who have lost their parents due to HIV.

Light Shine Ministry, Thailand – This is a Christian group that treats and rehabilitates drug addicts using scripture lessons, worship and prayer. It is run by volunteers who grow their own food to support themselves and this ministry.

Thailand Minister Support – We accept donations to assist Thai Pastors in the Thai countryside where they don’t earn enough to support themselves or their family. We chose pastors based on need and quality of their ministry.

PC USA Offerings we support:
One Great Hour of Sharing
Peace & Global Witness
Christmas Joy

Social Media

Social networking is woven into the fabric of our culture and has arrived as a driving force in sharing the gospel, building relationships, and meeting new people. The beauty of using social media as a church is that every member of our community is already empowered to spread the word naturally, online and offline, through networks of relationships. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other tools are merely making that task easier.

Here are ten ways you can help Praise Community Church anytime to build relationships and share the gospel.

  1. “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Click the sharing links on our message content, devotionals, and various website pages.
  3. “Check in” on Facebook every time you are at Praise Community Church or an event we are hosting. More of your friends will see this than most of the other things you are posting.
  4. Click “like” on posts you see on Facebook by Praise Community Church, which helps our content spread further to be seen by others. Facebook’s algorithm shows people what it thinks is most “relevant,” and it makes that determination partly based on the number of likes, comments, and shares a post has received.
  5. Write a review of us on Facebook and give us five stars! It helps us come up in search results for churches in the area and it’s a brief, simple way to share a piece of your experience with others.
  6. Take photos and videos at church and church-related events, then post them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also email them to our church email address: [email protected].
  7. Post, as a tweet or Facebook status update, a short quote from a sermon, or a lyric from a song we are singing, and put #praisecommunitychurch in your post.
  8. Invite people to Praise Community Church events using your social networks.
  9. Help us to follow you on social networks! Email us links to your social profiles and we will follow you.
  10. Write your faith story, or let us do a video interview with you, to share your faith with all kinds of people. Send to [email protected].

Bonus: If you really want to go the extra mile to help us spread the word on Facebook, you can cruise over to our main Facebook page, mouse over the “Liked” button and choose to “Get Notifications.” Every time we add an update to our page, you will get a Facebook notification (not an email) about it and you will be able to click on it, “Like” it, “Share” it, etc.

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