Worship Arts

Bringing Glory to God

At Praise Community Church, we worship as an expression of our love for God. Worship is expressed in a variety of ways throughout the Bible, and we use these expressions in our Sunday church services. Our church believes that artists and musicians are an important part of the church family and capture the beauty and majesty of God’s kingdom. Through a wide range of musical styles, they bring glory to God on Sundays and special occasions.

“The Combo”:

Our praise band leads the congregation in singing contemporary worship songs on Sundays. The Combo meets either Friday or Saturday night for practices. If you are an active instrumentalist, currently playing regularly, and are interested in exploring this specific music ministry at Praise Community Church, please contact Mark Noisiri. We want to learn what instrument(s) you play, what level you have achieved and what your availability is. Opportunities are based on ministry needs and availability of dedicated musicians.

Please contact Mark Noisiri at mnoisiri@gmail.com with any questions.

Praise Community Church Choir:

The PCC Choir sings primarily on special occasions and seasonal worship events, concerts and festivals. Rehearsals are normally on Sundays after lunch fellowship. Previous choral experience and sight-reading ability are beneficial, but the primary requirement is a desire to join others in the excellent offerings of music to God in worship. In addition to the public music ministry of the choir, members find a sense of community and encouragement. For more information, contact our Choir Director, Maria Del Pilar Gomez.

Please contact our Choir Director, Maria Del Pilar Gomez, at pilliedharma@gmail.com with any questions.

Ankalung Instrumental Group:

This instrumental group plays a Thai instrument called the “ankalung” which is made of bamboo tubes. This group highlights the diversity of our worship music as well as honors the historical foundation of our church as a ministry to the Thai community. For questions about this group, contact Somsak Poolperm.

Please contact Somsak Poolperm at spoolperm@gmail.com with any questions.

The Metzger Family and Friends Musical Outreach Ministry Team:

This is a growing thirteen-year ministry that brings free inspirational music programs to convalescent homes, hospitals, homebound, hospice, churches, mission events and charity events.

For more information, please contact Brian Metzger at lloydbrian@aol.com.

PCC Music Conservatory:

We offer church family and community members of all ages FREE, weekly music lessons. For information, please contact Daniel Metzger, Director/Instructor at (323) 270-3803.

Tech Arts and Livestream Team:

The technical arts (tech arts) and Livestream team supports worship services, special events, Facebook Live and You Tube streaming, sermon videos, and all audio/video equipment. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact us at 626-858-5288.