Connect Groups

Connect Groups

The “church” is not a building, a denomination, a business or non-profit organization. It is a family of people who gather in the name of Jesus Christ. At Praise Community Church we believe that the family needs to gather together on the weekend in our worship time, but we also believe the family should scatter around the community and meet in small groups during the week. We call these small groups Connect Groups.

We often overlook the fact that much of Jesus’ ministry was spent with the people that he loved. He ate meals with them, prayed with them, discussed the truth with them, and cared for their physical and spiritual needs. Jesus calls his followers to do the same.

The Christian life is meant to be lived in community. Connect groups are made up of people who meet regularly for support and encouragement. We believe that spiritual growth happens as we gather consistently together. When we meet our goals are simple:

  • to study God’s Word together
  • to share each other’s hurts and triumphs
  • to pray for one another
  • to know one another
  • to be accountable to others
  • and more…

All our connect groups currently meet on zoom. New people are always welcome!

If you would like to get in touch with one of our Connect Groups virtually please contact Pastor Peter at You will get help in finding a group that is a good fit for you and personally connect you with the group leader or host.

Can people attend my group who are not members of Praise Community Church?

Definitely! This is one of the best ways to grow and expand our reach and the ministry of Christ. We are careful not to try to “recruit” people already involved in other churches, but when someone is not connected to a church, we want to include them in ours!

What do we do about kids?

Praise Community Church does not currently provide childcare for Connect Groups, but we’ve found that most groups can have a great meeting even when kids are playing in a room nearby. We also do love the idea of kids seeing their parents engaging with others in Bible study and caring for others – it’s a great example to set!

What if I want to lead my own group?

Leading a Connect Group is a great way to help people discover and grow in Christ, develop community, and expand the reach of the church. Group leaders need to be people who are committed to Jesus and who have been baptized as believers.

Group leaders need to have a heart for people, lead a discussion with the curriculum we provide, and facilitate conversation and prayer with group members.

Prospective leaders who are not current church members also need to have attended our membership class and plan to become a member within a three-month period after beginning their group.

We do not expect group leaders to be Bible scholars. All leaders will gather together every few months for a time of discussion and encouragement.

If you have questions and would like to explore further about leading a Connect Group please contact Pastor Peter at